At David Bridge's Music Studio, there is always a focus on the individual learner.  Each student, regardless of age or experience level, learns differently.  Each lesson will be tailored to the way YOU learn.  
Learning music is  life-long endeavor.  We can never completely master the subject.  Like all art forms, music is more than playing the right notes at the right time,   Music is bringing yourself into every piece of music you play.
For children, music can become another way to express themselves as they grow and learn.   For adults, music can be a new way to express thoughts, feelings, and emotions not easily expressed in other areas of life.
At David Bridge's Music Studio, all students spend time learning music theory - the building blocks of the music language.  As it would make no sense for a banker not to understand how finance works, or a baker not to understand how ingredients come together to create a cake, it makes no sense for a musician not to learn the pieces and parts that make up the music they are playing or singing.
David Bridge brings a lot of practical experience and education to the music studio.  With more than twenty five years as a church musician, and a degree in music education from St. Vincent College, Mr. Bridge is well qualified to teach music.  As a performer, Mr. Bridge has performed recitals in four states and at venues such as: Heinz Chapel of the University of Pittsburgh, Trinity United Presbyterian Church in Uniontown, PA, Fairfield Mountains Chapel at the Lake Lure Resort in North Carolina.
Care to find out how music can be a part of your life?  Contact David Bridge for more information on studying music!